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更多 发布于:2008-09-01 23:55

Development of freeware tools heavy depends on feedback from users. We long time were on sysinternals forums helping people in dealing not only with malware, but also in different areas. This place long time have a lot of constructive and talented peoples. However since acquiring by Microsoft in the July 2006 SysInternals become more and more unfriendly, and finally now we can tell with 100% sure, Microsoft provides at SysInternals (as part of TechNet) and especially forums politics of the CENSORSHIP. You do not need to be very smart person to understand this. Firstly Microsoft ordered to drop support of the old versions of Windows for SI tools (it was made specially because the same new ProcMon can have compatibility with old versions, no matter what somebody claims against, it may not use Minifilters for NT4/2000 for example, and please do not make us too much laugh telling that this is impossible). Stupid EULA was added in everything, most interesting projects like Rootkitrevealer, Autoruns, FileMon, RegMon were ended, because we cant say that non-meaningful updates of Autoruns is evolution. However all this of course on programs authors decisions, but it is too suspicious in relation to Microsoft isn’t? What about forums, which we cannot anymore use, because Microsoft Administration in the face of Curtis Metz has build blacklist of IP’s. Forums are under heavy censorship. And main role here is playing mister Karl, aka Karlchen – very old moderator, who is responsible for all censorship at forums, mockery in several topics, posting personal moderators opinions in closed by the same moderator topics, silent graffiti in several topics (which they now can’t delete – pure Drama, isn’t?). It is really – “Power corrupts” and mister Karlchen now perfectly knows this. After kicking/banning us this place was owned by gang of real idiots of any kind, they all think that they are living in Matrix and evil rootkits everywhere including their home toasters. This idiocy owned in the past very good and interesting place. Owned with direct help of mister Karl and new administration.
走走看看开源好 Solaris vs Linux
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