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求link & locate 86 老掉呀的工具

更多 发布于:2009-06-23 03:10
16-bit C++ to ROM


These Beacon Technology packages allow Microsoft Visual C/C++ to be used to generate ROMed code that does not require DOS or even a BIOS on the target system. Once the ROMable image is created it can be tested using the familiar CodeView interface - you do not need to change development environment once you go to the target.

Link & Locate 86
Is an absolute linker/locator that generates code for embedded 16-bit real mode 8086/186 and 286/386/486/Pentium applications. It accepts object and library files generated by the Microsoft visual C/C++ optimising compiler and MASM Assembler. It generates an absolute .EXE file with full C/C++ debug symbol information

Link & Locate 86 includes full assembly and C source code for the reset and start-up code with run-time support for embedded environment without DOS and with or without a BIOS. At power up or system reset, the
start-up code performs initialisation of system hardware, program variables, and segment registers; calls C/C++ initialisation routines, if any, before passing program control to the C/C++ main function. In addition it

Provides Intel 186/188 on-chip peripheral support.
Provides source code for memory allocation run-time functions: malloc, free, calloc and realloc.
Supports floating point math using 8087 in-line code, floating point emulation and alternate math packages.
Includes DOS-Independent run-time support (sprintf), as well as C and C++, memory management (malloc/free).
Provides full control of absolute address assignments by allowing segments, classes and groups to be located at any physical address within the 1 Mbytes address range in any order.
Supports small, compact, medium, large and huge memory models suitable for building multi-tasking and kernel-based applications.
Supports storing compressed initialised data in ROM; C source code is provided for the unpacking and copying of compressed initialised data from ROM to RAM.