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安防类 CTO

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1, Master degree or above with majors of computer , communication, electronics or other relevant majors, working experience eight years or above includes more than four years firmware development engineer experiences , more than two years embedded software and MCU working experience ,more than two years developed project manager working experience ,more than one years R&D manager working experience .The requirements can be lower if the experience is perfect.
2, English can treat as daily working language , write ,speak and listen are good , responsible to the manager directly , and can exchange technology with CEO directly (foreign ).
3, Familiar with the software and hardware of DVR,IP camera, LCD, multimedia brodecast products ,familiar with  the development process of software and hardware and the R&D management system , and with new product development innovat concept.
4, Good presention and communication ability , strong team organizing ability&sense of responsibility&communication ability, can work under pressure and challenge .
5,  Familiar with project methods and management tools, familiar with project apply process , can write feasible analysists report .
6,  Good at learnting advanced technology ,can help company to choose development products , have technology research ability , can use advanced technology concept , methods,theories and principles to solve the complex technology problems and guide other engineers to solve problems .
7, Understand the differences between Chinese and western culture , and can coordinate&develop R&D team with members come from diffrernt countries.
8. Be favorable treated once been admitted