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Battery BMS factory

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Lithium battery BMS
Model NO: HC-032-A-6
Port: Charge and discharge is the different port
Switch: With switch
Reduction voltage: With reduction voltage
Application: Use for lithium battery
1. Quality: Focus on exceptional quality and precision.
2. On-Time Delivery: Clear orders and effective communication helps reduce misinformation resulting in inaccuracies and loss in lead time.
3. Service Support: Our team has been trained in management, design and processing for many years.
BMS and battery connection notes
Step to connect BMS:
A. First, The wire from low to high sequentially welded to the battery pack(Welding it without BMS condition)
B. Connect the pack's negative pole to the PCB's B-, Welding the main current positive pole wire to B+.
C. Confirm winding displacement(B4+, B3+……B1+, B-) welding with the corresponding electrode and the main current's negative wire winding to the pack's negative pole then plug the corresponding's into the BMS's connecting terminal
D. After completing the above steps, the cells pack be finished
Packing & shipping
*The products will be sent in about 15 working days after all the payment has been confirmed. If the payment is not available, the order will be closed automatically.
*The buyers are responsible for any insurance, problems and damages which caused by shipping service. Such as accidents, delays or other issues.Besides, the buyer should be responsible for any taxes and/or duty charged by their country.Battery BMS factory