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IDA pro 7.0 可用版本

更多 发布于:2017-10-09 15:18
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发布于:2017-12-03 03:59
IDA: What's new in 7.0sp1

Welcome to IDA 7.0 SP1!
Complete changelist

Processor Modules

h8: added support for Renesas H8/3687 Group microcomputers

BUGFIX: During debugging, the registers would retain a grey background
BUGFIX: IDAPython/bc695: get_name(from, ea) was not working anymore
BUGFIX: IDA could ask to accept the EULA at every launch
BUGFIX: IDAPython/bc695: op_offset() was not capable of working with an ea_t as a first argument
BUGFIX: user agent was still saying idaq (must be ida)
BUGFIX: ui: changing the font on a "Registers" view, would cause the background to turn grey
BUGFIX: ui: during debugging, right-clicking on a "comment" in a registers view, would show a popup menu with a non-default background color
BUGFIX: PIN: IDA could freeze on 'reading trace...' waitbox
BUGFIX: debugger exceptions whose reporting was set to "Silent" or "Log", could still cause a warning to be shown.
BUGFIX: IDAPython/bc695: idc.isEnabled was not working
BUGFIX: ui/qt: IDA could crash if quick search was used on the left-hand list of the dialog used to batch-apply structure offsets to a selection in disassembly
BUGFIX: bochs: x64 memory mapping was wrong in some cases
BUGFIX: ui/qt: the listing views's status bar entries font became proportional, making it harder to quickly scan for some addresses when navigating around
BUGFIX: On Windows & OSX, unfocused tabular views with a search filter & a selected entry, could show that selected entry with a white-ish text, on a white-ish background (making it rather difficult to read.)
BUGFIX: IDAPython: the low-level get_numbered_type() was unusable
BUGFIX: ui/qt: custom shortcuts for "UnHideAll" action wouldn't work anymore
BUGFIX: DWARF: IDA could interr (30331) on some files
BUGFIX: IDAPython/bc695: IDP_Hooks.auto_queue_empty() was not called anymore
BUGFIX: in configuration files, invalid directives (i.e., bad keyword) could be reported with an erroneous line number & text
BUGFIX: memory regions: fixed the lack of a MEMORY segment during the second attach to a debugger
BUGFIX: IDAPython: UI_Hooks.get_chooser_item_attrs() was not available
BUGFIX: dbg: debug names disappear after analyzing a module
BUGFIX: IDA could display a useless error message about a -psn_0_XXXXXX argument when launched from a shortcut on OSX
BUGFIX: IDAPython/bc695: idc.DecodeInstruction was not working anymore
BUGFIX: On Linux & OSX, opening the "Xrefs" window (i.e., "x") shortcut on a function whose name is > 255 characters, could cause the pseudo-registry file to be reported as being corrupted (although it is, in fact, not.)
BUGFIX: win32 debugger: if the exception table was lacking info about essential exception codes, the debugger would not recognize its breakpoints
BUGFIX, snippets: the current snippet was not selected when opening a code snippet window
BUGFIX: When printing terse structure literals, IDA could duplicate display of some of the first bytes
BUGFIX: opening a binary file, would automatically write its .idb file into the registry, even w/o the user ever saving it
BUGFIX: when autoanalysis was disabled, the indicator might display wrong info
BUGFIX: Attaching to a process and 'ios_deploy proclist' could crash with iOS 11
BUGFIX: 'ios_deploy proclist' would not display an error message if the device returned an empty process list
BUGFIX: objc plugin could cause IDA to INTERR(984) when loading iOS 11 dyldcaches with ASLR
BUGFIX: pc: corrected wrong calculated frame pointer delta on PE x64 for some corner cases
BUGFIX: idc: macro Batch() was unusable
BUGFIX: hexrays: in some rare cases the decompiler produced incorrect function calls when recognized inlined 'strlen'
BUGFIX: ui/qt: on OSX, loading a desktop that was saved while in a maximized state, while already in a maximized state, would cause the window to become un-maximized
BUGFIX: IDA would not show any registers for GDB stubs reporting unavailable registers
BUGFIX: fixed definition of FF_VAR so old scripts at least do not die
BUGFIX: ui/qt: disabling disassembly colors wasn't working anymore
BUGFIX: some standard ARMv8 instructions were incorrectly decoded as ARMv8.1 atomic instructions
BUGFIX: ui/qt: "View > Toolbars" wouldn't reflect the current (advanced VS basic) state of the toolbars display
BUGFIX: windbg: ida would die with interr 1491 when debugging 32-bit windows kernel
BUGFIX: ELF: IDA could fail to load symbols from ELF files with .tbss sections
BUGFIX: IDA could INTERR(40498) if idaapi.read_selection() was called with no arguments on an empty database
BUGFIX: in the "ARM specific options" window, the "Current architecture" description was only partially visible on OSX.
BUGFIX: selecting text via double-click in the Output Window was broken with empty databases.
BUGFIX: the decompiler was not honoring 'volatile' modifier in variable types; there still can be problems with volatile variables
BUGFIX: ui/qt: restarting IDA after its UI was set to "Advanced mode", would show "Basic mode" selected in the menu.
BUGFIX: ui/qt: in user graphs, setting the font would fail recomputing the graph rectangles size, resulting in clipped text.
BUGFIX: ELF: IDA would no longer detect .init/.fini sections as init_proc/fini_proc
BUGFIX: ui/qt: upon moving the dock around, Register views' foreground color could be lost.
BUGFIX: IDAPython/bc695: idc.MakeStr() was broken
BUGFIX: IDAPython/bc695: idc.ASCSTR_LEN2 & ASCSTR_LEN4 contained an incorrect value
BUGFIX: ida could interr (code 230) while trying to decode malformed arm64 instructions
BUGFIX: ui/qt: when setting the default encoding for string literals, if one had to add an encoding to the list of encodings known to IDA, that encoding wouldn't be automatically selected right after being added.
BUGFIX: hexrays: a recently renamed variable could show its old name in some cases
BUGFIX: ui/qt: the result of 'get_screen_ea()' could be outdated when navigation was being performed in the graph view
BUGFIX: win32dbg: fixed a handle leak
BUGFIX: idc/python did not have the definition of AF2_DORTTI
BUGFIX: functions could be truncated when deleting instructions at the end
BUGFIX: IDA failed to restore attributes of window "Enum" saved by version 6.95
BUGFIX: debugger: win32: IDA could fail to correctly detect a loaded DLL's filename in case it had a bogus name in the Export Directory
BUGFIX: stopped marking the switch jump insn as IM_SWITCH
BUGFIX: pressing Ctrl-Down in the graph view would crash ida if there was no selected node
BUGFIX: When starting IDA without an IDB, and running the debugger using "Debugger > Run", possibly-set debugging options would be lost (e.g., debuggee would be stopped at entry-point, instead of the at the requested process start.)
BUGFIX: hexrays: in rare cases the decompiler could lose essential instructions
BUGFIX: Suspending x64 ELF processes at process start (or entry point) could fail due to ASLR
BUGFIX: IDAPython/bc695: ida_kernwin.get_highlighted_identifier() was broken
BUGFIX: ELF: IDA would attempt to apply relocations while debugging elf files
BUGFIX: When starting IDA without an IDB, and running the debugger using "Debugger > Run", possibly-set debugging options would be lost (e.g., debuggee would be stopped at entry-point, instead of the at the requested process start.)
BUGFIX: In the "Binary search" dialog, searching for 'Unicode strings' (i.e., data that's laid out as UTF-16) could fail if the input string contained non-ASCII characters
BUGFIX: enum member not displayed all the time
BUGFIX: fixed output of the offsets for operands with the indirect memory reference
BUGFIX: stack traces on iOS could have an incorrect address in the 0th frame
BUGFIX: removed complaint about too wide enums in the output window
BUGFIX: immediate search would fail to find a multi-byte value in an unexplored area for big-endian processors
BUGFIX: ui/qt: if the first enum in the "Enums" window is empty, IDA could keep replicating its 1st line when scrolling up
BUGFIX: pe/cli: .NET files with assembly references whose hash index was 0xFFFF, would cause IDA to show unexpected warnings
BUGFIX: IDAPython/bc695: idc.GetProcessorName() was broken
BUGFIX: IDA could produce interr 544 when analyzing code for SuperH with turned off "Convert immediate loads" option
BUGFIX: Renaming a register to the same name but different casing, wouldn't work
BUGFIX: ui/qt: using "Function offsets" address representation, would cause the 1st instruction of each function to be one offset by space to the right
BUGFIX: starting IDA w/o any database, opening "File > Script command..." and selecting 'Python' could cause IDA to crash at exit-time
BUGFIX: IDAPython: place_t::generate was not usable()
BUGFIX: hexrays: lvar allocation would wrongly replace some source operands during chain allocation
BUGFIX: the selection was not cleared after deleting several selected segments in "Program segmentation"
BUGFIX: ui/qt: when editing bytes in the hex view, pressing "Escape" would leave the "Apply changes" action available
BUGFIX: DWARF: the plugin could fail telling two types apart, in case they were only differing by one of their function pointer member's calling convention or prototype.
BUGFIX: ui/qt: "Jump to new window" could cause the navigation bar's cursor to be off
BUGFIX: IDAPython/bc695: idc.SegStart, idc.SegEnd and idc.SetSegmType would raise AssertionError's in case the EA was not mapped to a segment
BUGFIX: hexrays: in some cases 64bit comparison combining could produce wrong pseudocode
BUGFIX: hexrays: optimizer could incorrectly recognize 64bit multiplication by a power of 2
BUGFIX: Debugger > Run could fail either starting the process, or loading the binary file for auto-analysis in case the target file didn't exist on the remote computer and IDA was asked to push it there and it was requested to be pushed into a non-existing directory.
BUGFIX: IDA could crash if invalid regular expression patterns were input in filters
BUGFIX: ui: When in the "Structures" window, pressing <Enter> on a structure member, wouldn't add an entry into the location history (and thus 'Escape' wouldn't return no the previous location.)
BUGFIX: some numeric input fields in dialogs were too narrow
BUGFIX: text version would die with internal error 40172 when clickng on "File" and "Folder" buttons in dialogs
BUGFIX: PE: handle some PE peculiarities
BUGFIX: Launching a process through "Debugger > Run" with the "Stop at entry point" option checked more than once, could cause the process to not stop the 2nd (and subsequent) times.
BUGFIX: fixed a buffer overflow when reading various text files
BUGFIX: When performing instant remote debugging of ELF files, DWARF info would not be loaded)
BUGFIX: IDAPython's Appcall.Consts would return 0 if a constant doesn't exist, which can cause hard-to-figure-out issues later
BUGFIX: idc snippets with if/for/while as the last statement but without {} for the body could not be executed
BUGFIX: DWARF: The plugin could INTERR on anonymous types that are declared as part of a structure/class's destructor
BUGFIX: The DWARF plugin could erroneously think two different types are, in fact, similar
BUGFIX: fixed a very long loop in hexplace_t__generate()
BUGFIX: windbg: recent versions of WinDbg couldn't be loaded by IDA because some dependencies couldn't be resolved
BUGFIX: bochs: fixed handling of bitness of executable
BUGFIX: it was impossible to reopen an i64 file that was created from a crash dump
BUGFIX: With exotic architectures (e.g., PIC with 14-bits bytes), IDA could slow down a lot when generating disassembly.
BUGFIX: get_8bit() would fail returning all but the lowest octet for non-8-bit bytes at the end of segments
BUGFIX: hexview: with exotic architectures (e.g., PIC with 14-bit bytes), IDA could show only partial text contents in the right-hand-side of the view
BUGFIX: hexview: all but the last octet of a non-8-bit byte sitting at the end of a segment, wouldn't show in the text contents in the right-hand-side of the view)
BUGFIX: hexview: with non-8-bit bytes, navigating in the right-hand-side text part of the hexview would yield erroneous addresses.
BUGFIX: hexview: on non-8-bit bytes architectures, moving on unmapped addresses on a line (e.g., because the segment ends before the end of the line), could cause the line to be shifted
BUGFIX: improved pe+ bochs
BUGFIX: ui: the default 1 byte-per-unit encoding wasn't used when printing characters resulting of the evaluation of expressions (i.e., shortcut '?')
BUGFIX: When starting IDA without an IDB, and running the debugger using "Debugger > Run", possibly-set debugging options would be lost (e.g., debuggee would be stopped at entry-point, instead of the at the requested process start.)
BUGFIX: fixed many interrs
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